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About Us

The founder of the Wazima is a medical professional with several years of experience in UK practice. Having also spent many years involved in various non-digital healthcare projects and solutions in the various parts of sub-Saharan Africa, she realised that people are needlessly dying because they present with their health issues so late that at the point of diagnosis, the disease is so far progressed that their prognosis is poor. She found that the reasons given by patients for not presenting their symptoms early were often similar – lack of access, concerns about quality, lack of ready information and lack of trust in existing facilities were the most common. She started to advocate for better access to and improved quality in healthcare delivery. The realisation that digital technology could enhance and promote the ease and speed of access to quality healthcare led to the development & birth of the Wazima web based platform and Apps for mobile devices and computers.

Every day Healthcare-on-demand

An integrated Digital Healthcare Platform that is Feature-rich and Interactive, helping you better manage your health.

  • Medical & Health Consultation via Mobile Devices
  • Find Care Options
  • Get Vital Health Information
  • Securely Maintained Health Information

Mission & Vision

We use a multi-modality approach to first identify the hurdles facing a patient’s health,
and then identify methods to effectively build a better picture of health.