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Self Medication

16 January, 2019
Self-medication is a plague that is gradually becoming a major global health issue. This is defined as the intake of drugs without a prescription from a doctor. These medicines are often referred to as ‘over the counter’ or ‘non-prescription’, and are found in pharmacies, supermarkets and other outlets.

In most parts of Africa, you come across people selling these drugs by the roadside, or even on a bus. Self-medication might seem harmless, but we all need to consider the potential side effects it could cause on our health, thereby affecting our life. Self-medication can lead to drug addiction, allergy, habituation, worsening of ailment, incorrect diagnosis and dosage, or even disability and pre-mature death. 

People take drugs without the prescription of a doctor for a number of reasons. While some aim for a reduction in the time and cost of clinical consultation, others simply trivialize illnesses and resort to self-medication. Other factors could be due to personal insecurities and fear of job loss due to diagnosed disease, mental illness, quick relief of pain, depression or even ignorance.

Even when you think your symptoms or health issues are insignificant, if they are persistent, learn to seek help from a doctor. Technology has now brought access to doctors and hospitals into the palms of our hands. If you are considering visiting a health-care professional at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or office, then you should contact us at to see a Dr or Healthcare practitioner NOW.

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