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iDHS.HealthWise Goes Live in Nigeria

18 September, 2018

Integrated Digital Healthcare system Ltd has launched its healthcare web-based platform iDHS.HealthWise in Nigeria. 

The CEO, recently briefed the press on some of the many features of the platform which includes:

About iDHS.HealthWise

We would like to introduce to you iDHS.Healthwise, a digital healthcare platform and Trademark of Integrated Digital Healthcare System Ltd (otherwise known as IDHS), a UK based company with a primary focus of bringing healthcare solutions to the people of Africa, the GCC and Europe. Our overall aim is to improve the health and wellness outcomes of our users by giving them access to health information, medical care, medical professionals and medical services.

An online and web based healthcare platform as never before seen in West Africa with the following capabilities to mention a few:

  1. Online text, Audio & Video health consultation with a Global pool of General and Specialists medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners.

  2. Referral to reliable and reputable Hospitals, Pharmacists, Diagnostic centres Specialist doctors for face-to-face examination.

  3. Self-care modules to support those with chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and so on.

  4. Health Insurance policy for seamless end-to-end healthcare service via our platform.

  5. Pregnancy and Fertility Support

  6. A detailed Search filter which helps users find the most suitable medical practitioner

    for their health complaint.

  7. Easy payment systems.

  8. Confidential and Secure






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