Many of us spend long hours working and probably do not realise that we can stay healthy while working, here is a simple guide to make sure your health is in-check.

1. Stand Up and Move Around OftenSpend at least 30 minutes a day standing at your desk whilst still carrying out routine responsibilities assigned to you whether at your desk or walking around the room. If your office doesn’t permit working while standing, make sure you’re physically standing up and walking around at least once an hour. For best results, set a reminder on your phone or watch to track and remind you.

2. Bring Your Own LunchYou control what is in the food you eat when you make your meals. Yes, this takes effort, but it’s so worth it for your health and your bank account. This is useful especially if you are on a diet or weight loss program or diabetic.

3. Take the StairsIf you work in a building with levels, you should try taking the stairs more than the elevator, using the elevator only when you’re exhausted. Walking the stairs helps to stimulate your heart rate and improve fitness when there’s no time for a workout.

4. Drink plenty of waterTry to drink at least 1.5 Litres (about 8 cups full) of water daily. Always have a bottle or flask of water filled & staring at you as you work and have sips regularly throughout the day. Water is one of the best kept health secrets.

5. Reduce Caffeine or other Stimulants intakeEveryone wants to stay alert and awake while at work, and for some who take work home, more awake time is needed. Caffeine & stimulants should not be a substitute for rest as excessive intake will prove detrimental to your health in the long term and should be kept to a minimum. It takes conscious effort to stay healthy, start your healthwise journey today.

5 Easy ways you can stay healthy at work

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