The new year is quite often is seen as an opportunity to start afresh. Many who weren’t able to keep up with some resolutions within the year often take advantage of the fresh start. Interestingly, most people are also optimistic about every new year because they feel that starting from the very beginning enables them measure more ‘accurately’ and track their progress more effectively when they start on the 1st of January. We are also aware that many people fail on their health resolutions not because they weren’t serious, but because they set goals that are too high from where they currently are. Your goals should follow the ‘beginner-intermediate-professional’ rule, be achievable, carefully selected & well thought out. Here are feasible, ‘beginner-intermediate-professional’ health resolutions you can bank on and carry out easily.

1. Water- to start each day

Yes, it’s as simple & easy as it sounds. Drinking water on an empty stomach provides many great health benefits. Add this to your new year goals and notice changes like increased energy levels, better metabolism, clearer complexion & more radiant skin and overall better health because drinking water first thing every morning flushes out toxins from around the body, plus it cleanses the colon & helps the kidneys.

2. Sleep more

Not everyone realizes just how important adequate sleep is to health. The cells of the body re-build and re-juvenate when we are asleep so getting adequate sleep is crucial to health. Sleep deficiencies have a negative effect on health. Regaining quality sleep requires planning & conscious effort, it involves simple steps like:

• Leave work at the office. Carrying work home impacts health by raising cortisol & adrenaline.

• Eat a light healthy dinner. Disrupted sleep is usually linked to heavy eating. From sunset, take foods that don’t make you clumsy & stomach-full.

• If stuck in traffic have a healthy snack & let it be dinner.

• Cut-down screen time. We recommend putting off all electronic devices after 8pm.

3. Get Physical

Many people don’t stay true to their exercise resolutions & that’s because exercising falls on the intermediate-professional level & many feel it always requires a gym or rigorous endeavor. In reality, every physical activity that breaks a sweat from your pores are termed exercise. Sometimes just being more active is a more attainable goal. This could range from;

• Walking – to work, school or church rather than driving if you don’t live too far from work & use the stairway rather than the elevator when at work. This also is a great way to lose weight if that’s one of your new year goals.

• Stretch – At hourly intervals, introduce a 10-minute stretch. This relaxes your joints & gives you fuel for the next hour.

4. Discuss health

We become more of what we speak & hear more frequently. There is every tendency that you’d get more health conscious when you learn to discuss health topics with family & friends. Health discussions, helps you learn and pick-up health tips. To achieve the most of this step, endeavor that in every seven-day period, you indulge yourself in at least one health discussion with family or friends.

5. Don’t leave the Doctor behind

“Oh! I don’t like a third-party knowing my personal details, more especially when it’s health-related”. Well, your doctor isn’t exactly a third party, they have a vested interest in your health & every reason to know what’s going on with you.Learn to visit your doctor twice every year (more often when there are long term medical issues) for a general check-up & let them know when there are updates regarding your health. Ensure you have your doctor’s contact details handy for a quick reach-out for any health issues or questions. Remember, best health practice is to consult with a qualified doctor, while just taking advice from searches for answers online is not healthy and we don’t encourage it. You can find yourself a Doctor whom you can take anywhere with you on your mobile device here on Wazima.Visit to get started

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