Mental Health Day is an International Day for Global Mental Health awareness, education and care and seeks to remove social stigma and encourage everyone to seek help for mental health issues. A balanced Mental health is critical for wellbeing and can impact every other part of our lives positively or negatively. At Wazima Health, we are committed to encouraging and supporting everyone to seek help early; in particular, Millenials and Generation Z should take care of their mental health, wellbeing and relieve stress to prevent burnout.

Alot of the time, people convince themselves that a poor Mental Health is not a good reason to take time off work or seek help especially when they feel physically fine but know that just like your Physical Health, your Mental Health is important for your overall wellbeing. Poor Mental Health can manifest in various forms including depression, sustained sense of anxiety and low mood, persistent negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, stress to name a few and goes beyond not feeling happy or not wanting to interact with friends or just feeling bored; so it is very important to speak out and get help if any or some of these symptoms occur for extended periods and have begun to affect your ability to function and live your normal life.

World Mental Health Day encourages and reminds you to evaluate your mental health, doing so often, taking the time and space you need to rest and recharge; It also encourages you to revaluate your current goals and refocus on your strategy. You can also incorporate a fun activity that will help stimulate you mentally.

On this Mental Health Day, Wazima advocates that you:

– Get a handle on your emotions.- Relax your body and your mind.

– De-stress and de-clutter.- Reset your perspective and priorities.

– Give yourself time to regularly evaluate your mental wellbeing.

– Get help if you think your mental health is affecting your life negatively.

Whenever you take a mental health day off, it isn’t a day to catch up on your work emails or chores such as laundry and cleaning or even running errands; you have to ensure to plan the day ahead to address anything which has been negatively impacting your mental health and get adequate rest. It is an opportunity to declutter mentally so that you are fully recharged when its time to return to school, work and normal life. It is best to identify your triggers or stressors so you can find the most effective ways to eliminate and reduce them.

Give your brain a break and engage in activities you enjoy which can help reduce negative emotions like stress and feeling overwhelmed. You can decide to watch your favourite tv series you’ve had in mind, schedule a spa appointment and get a massage, read a book. Whatever you decide on, ensure every minute counts. For some people, doing chores might be therapeutic for them either due to the actual chore itself or more of the feeling of accomplishing a task; just ensure that whatever activities you decide to engage in will make you feel more at ease and relaxed.

In celebration of Mental Health Week, has come up with a list of things you can do to enjoy your Mental Health Day.

– Take time to pray, reflect and meditate on the things that matter.

– Practice breathing exercises at home or visit the gym to exercise.

– Catch up on some sleep.- Read a new book or engage in your hobby.

– Talk to or hangout with a good friend or family member.

– Complete a DIY project.- Go see a movie or watch your favourite series.

– Take a walk in a park or spend time with nature.

– Journal your thoughts and feelings.- Try out a 15 minutes Skin Care routine.

– Listen to music which soothes you.

– Bake your favourite pastries or cook your favourite meal.

– Review your priorities.

– Create a list of things which are triggers or stressors and ways to reduce or remove them.

– Speak out and get help with any mental health issue which is affecting you negatively.

If you think you need to see a therapist and you feel like you’ld benefit from an extra session during your mental health day, then it is a perfect time to book for a virtual session. You can do that now by clicking on this link

Remember, make your mental health a priority every day!

Live Cheerfully!”

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