Governments are using Wazima as a software to service the health needs of their populations and offers the following benefits;

Benefits for Corporate Client members:

  • Connecting patients within a community, state or country to local hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostics centres.
  • Provision and management of Universal health insurance services or National Health Insurance Scheme
  • Giving users access to a global and local pool of medical doctors (General and Specialists) and healthcare practitioners.
  • Cutting down on time wasted due to hospital queues and reserving valuable hospital resources on urgent critical cases.
  • Reduction in the occurrence of emergency hospital admissions (Research has shown that tele-health improves outcomes).
  • Managing patients with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes resulting in better prognosis for these groups.
  • Convenient access to a doctor from any location and at any suitable time, 24/7 (subject to doctor availability).
  • Easily manageable distribution of consultation access to staff and users we serve, by central administrators within the state.
  • Specialists in the respective state can readily liaise with specialists in the UK and US, thereby ensuring the sharing of knowledge and best global practice.
  • Patient Medical Records are digitised and therefore readily transferable.
  • The data collated is of enormous benefit to the Governments we serve in Budgeting and Planning for the healthcare needs of their staff and populations, better track outbreaks of diseases and also get a first-hand information and data on the well-being of citizens in the state