Our mission is to transform Africa's access to healthcare

About Us

Since 2016 and for 15 years prior, the Wazima Health team have been focused on using technology to make quality healthcare more accessible in Africa. We believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right and the channels through which healthcare is accessed should be convenient and easy to use for Healthcare Providers and Patients alike.

Realising that when health providers have well-built health & patient management systems, the quality of patient care is also positively impacted, Wazima Health's integrated online system gives Healthcare providers effective easy to use;

  • Patient management tools like - customised Online Waiting Rooms & text notifications, seamless triage and referral within or outside the organisation,
  • Health Management tools for patients with chronic health conditions like Diabetes, hypertension.
  • Health insurance billing & claims,
  • Telemedicine for prompt video immediate or scheduled consultations,
  • EMR for easy management and sharing of medical records,
  • E-Health Shop & lots more

Our software supports & integrates with any infrastructure which may already exist.

Each Health Provider type :

Hospitals & Doctors, HMOs, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centres have their own unique sector driven Dashboard with tools which helps them better manage and engage with their patients and users and offer improved care.

For Corporate organisations, Families & Individuals, we provide :
  • easy to manage and at the click of a button access to qualified medical doctors in your local Country or internationally including UK, US and UAE.
  • Health management & monitoring tools which are connected to your health provider for those with chronic medical conditions like diabetes and those who are pregnant.

Mission & Vision

Wazima's passion is driven by our desire to see access to affordable quality healthcare a norm across Africa.