Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that people frequently asked about. Please read below.

1> Our hospital would like to use your software for its Patient /HMIS Management, what are the benefits?
Wazima Health offers an easy to use and robust Patient and HMIS management software for Health Providers including Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostic Centres, Pharmacies and HMOs. To use any of the standard packages, your organisation should simply create an account, select the right package and make a payment online (Contact us at [email protected] if your requirements are bespoke or premium).
In addition to a comprehensive health management platform, Wazima also actively helps you grow your organisation by directing more patients and users to your facilities.
2> Our Corporate Organisation would like to integrate our Staff health benefits, can Wazima Health help?
Yes we can. Wazima Health gives Corporate Organisations irrespective of size, an opportunity to fully integrate their staff Health management benefits including hospital care, prescriptions, telemedicine and chronic health management with a GUARANTEED reduction in costs and improved staff satisfaction. Contact us for full demo of benefits for your organisation and staff.
3> I need to see a specialist for a second opinion, what should I do?
To see a Specialist within a hospital locally or globally, kindly use the Find a Doctor or Book an Appointment menu. Complete the form fields and signup; you will be directed to your dashboard for access to a list of doctors or hospitals matching your search criteria.
4> I am a Doctor wishing to Use the Wazima Software, what should I do?
Wazima offers a robust doctor dashboard which will help you grow your practice, engage & manage patients, EMR, telemedicine and lots more. All you need to do is create an account or Sign up and subscribe to the plan or package which best serves your needs and your access is activated. If you require any support, kindly contact our customer care team at [email protected]
5> How can I contact a member of your Nigeria team?
You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or sending your enquiry via our WhatsApp telephone number |+234 809 963 7111. You will usually receive a reply within 4 hours.