Health Insurance

Wazima is able to meet your full healthcare needs; for an affordable payment, we can manage your family and corporate health needs including tele-medicine access to local and global doctors, tele-health, hospital care, diagnostics and prescriptions.

Our strategic partnerships with local and global HMOs and Health Insurance providers mean that we are able to provide you with bespoke and general private health insurance plans to suit your individual, family or corporate needs.

Health Insurance covers some or all of the medical expenses of policyholders or enrollees. Depending on the plan chosen, the policyholder gets coverage for surgical expenses, dental expenses, hospital expenses, prescription expenses, emergency medical evacuation (Medvac), maternity expenses etc.

Changing lifestyles and diets are increasingly causing people to suffer from various kinds of diseases, leading to prolonged and costly treatments. A health insurance plan helps cushion your family's finances from these huge and often unexpected medical expenses.


Wazima is Africa's leading online source of health insurance. We have partnered with local and international HMO or Health Insurance brands to conveniently provide you access to the best and most reliable providers. You can get access to hundreds of health plans underwritten by these insurance companies from our mobile and web-based app. You can compare your current plan with those offered by our partner HMOs, apply online & find the best health insurance for you or your family. Or contact us if you requite a bespoke health insurance plan.


Wazima gives you access to our online users seeking a convenient way to manage their health and associated costs. Partnership with us means that you effortlessly grow your enrolee or policyholder numbers as Wazima does the heavy lifting and increases your numbers. Complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss further.

Health Insurance Plans


Individual health plans are basically made for individual policyholders. Premiums may be low in such plans although there are many factors, which contribute to the price of the policy; Age, location, pre-existing medical conditions etc are some parameters which influence the premium.


A family health insurance plan covers all the members of a family under the plan. Generally, parents & children are covered under the plan but also include a close member of the household. There are some insurers who provide coverage for more family members. Under this kind of plan, the sum insured is shared by all included in the family. Although family floaters plan have premiums higher than individual insurance plans, the price is relatively affordable when compared to the expenses involved in purchasing separate policies for each member.


These plans are offered by employers and are designed to include as well as exclude members when they join & leave the organization. They have low premiums because of the lower risks involved. These plans even allow leniency in covering pre-existing illnesses among other things.