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Pregnancy is usually 40 weeks long because it’s dated from the first day of your last period, not from the first day of a missed period as you may think. This means that if you do a pregnancy test on the first day of a missed period you’re already around four weeks pregnant.

If you want to calculate your estimated due date, just put your dates into our due date calculator below.

All you have to do is tell us when your last period started and from that we can calculate the most likely date that your baby will arrive at the click of a button.

Try not to put too much thought into the date though – unless you’ve had fertility treatment you won’t know exactly when in your cycle your egg was fertilised, so the estimated due date is just a rough guide. Only 5% of babies are actually born on their estimated due date; the majority are born two weeks either side.

Just enter your details below to find out when your ‘little one’ might arrive!




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